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Bob McKinlay
Has this been the week where a Government takes the most serious knock in confidence ever? Someone older than myself may wish to highlight their own memories, see if you can beat the following horrendous bunch of stories to make the wider media:

- A reduction of top rate tax in a flatlined economy. Osborne suggests that the 5% of reduction is acceptable as the tax *only* raised £1bn of the expected £3bn.

- The chancellor also raids pension pot for the elderly to a strikingly similar amount that they're losing on the back of the top-rate tax cut, a policy which enfuriates one of the key Tory voting demographic.

- The day after, alcohol 40p per unit bomb is dropped to avert serious public discontent at the budget.

- Peter Cruddas is then secretly filmed offering the rich chance to meet the PM and dictate Government policy for £250k or more.

- The NHS bill, widely opposed by the public and professionals, which was not mentioned on either Tory or Lib Dem manifesto, gains royal ascent.

- 'Growth' for the the previous three months revised down from -0.2% to -0.3%

- OBR releases report suggesting highest Government borrowing on record for February. Up to £12bn, beating Labour's effort in 2008 of £7.9bn.

- Cameron criticises the strike action planned by the tanker drivers, despite no talks having started. Presumably in an effort to divert attention away from cash for policy, NHS bill and faltering economy.

- Francis Maude steps in to cause panic, suggesting people fill up a jerrycan of fuel incase strike action occurs. BBC suggest to him that storing a jerrycan of fuel (20litres) is illegal, to which he retorts the suggestion is 'asburdy technical.' Maude then goes onto suggest "Len McCluskey has a grand plan to bring the country to a juddering halt."

- David Cameron is asked about the tax hike on hot food products, to which he suggests enjoying a pasty from the West Cornwall bakery in Leeds train station recently. Very good too it was apparently, aside from the fact said shop closed over two years ago.

Who can better that with their stories of the past?

EDIT: Oh, it doesn't stop there, just as I press "post"...

- OECD suggests Britain back in recession and only Italy will take longer to recover the losses.
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Grenville Morris
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:lol: Good lord these tossers are incompetent, got another 3 years of this. If Osbourne actually goes ahead and sells RBS at 25p per share of the 50p we bought it for in a vein attempt to look like matching his ludicrous deficit target someone needs to give the smarmy git a good old slap.


Grenville Morris
Sort of makes me compare it to America land in some ways at the moment.

America. Obama comes in and takes over an administration that had been in for far too long (and an administration that left the nation a little fucked) with promises of making things better. Not doing a particularly great job at it. Most likely going to get a second term in office though because the opposition is extremely weak.

U.K. Pretty much the same. Conservatives come in on the back of a government that maybe was in office for too long/long enough with promises of making things better. Not doing a particularly good job at it. Though if there was an election this year as in America hard to see them getting another run because the opposition is pretty weak.


Steve Chettle
I was saying the other day on the budget thread that even the right wing rags have turned on the Tories over the Budget which must be a huge worry for them. I flicked on to Sky News and James Whale who I had down as a Tory was taking the piss out of Cameron. The petrol shortage and the farce over who did and didn't have a pasty is just the latest round of incompetence. I find it highly amusing that Downing Street had to release a statement clarifying where Cameron had got his Pasty from.

I'm sick to death of these politicians (all parties) trying to come across as the man of the people. Whether it is talking about enjoying a pasty or who should win x-factor or liking Coldplay. I'd rather a politician didn't even know X-factor existed.

Surely it is about time with all the things listed above by Robbie that the Lib Dems said enough is enough. But they won't. Clegg, fuck face Alexander, Cable and al the other tin pot Lib Dems cabinet ministers know they'll never see the light of day again so are clinging on to these 3 years to feather their owns caps.


Grenville Morris
The trouble is, the haven't yet started having the problem that Tony Blair and Johm Major before him had, of people in their own party voting against them. Cameron doesn't need to use the 'stretcher vote' to get his policies through (which would be ironic for the health bill) because not only is his own party loyal to him, he's got another party onside too!

If fifty of the 62 Lib Dems MPs, ie those not being rewarded for their subservience with cabinet places and big houses, and a few of the more boistrous Tories, like Ken Clarke, turned on him, then they could make themselves heroes for stopping the government in its tracks.

By the way, does anyone think encouraging people to panic-buy fuel a few days before the end of the financial year might just be a ploy to boost some of the public spending figures and pretend the economy is recovering? Or are those paranoia drugs the last government put in the water supply still having an effect?

Le Juif Rouge

Senior Mass Debater
It really shows the difference between a great strategist and statesman like Maggie and this bunch of clowns. That is the problem with a public school education....you get caught with your pants down too often.

Le Juif Rouge

Senior Mass Debater
"Come the Revolution..." etc.

Correct me if I am wrong Chricl, but the recent "Lunch with the Cams for cash" scandal was set up by a Murdoch paper?...and I notice now even the Daily Mail is not supporting him....looks like he has made a few enemies in house.


Grenville Morris
I nearly posted a similar thread last week, that was before this latest string of gaffes and revelations. And what about some of the earlier, more serious issues, such as:

- David Cameron's appointment of Andy Coulson, links to the arrested Rebecca Brooks and the subsequent horse affair
- The resignation of Liam Fox for abusing his power, and bringing his anonymous friend into the heart of the government

What the hell are they doing to our country?


Orel Mangala Fan Club
Correct me if I am wrong Chricl, but the recent "Lunch with the Cams for cash" scandal was set up by a Murdoch paper?...and I notice now even the Daily Mail is not supporting him....looks like he has made a few enemies in house.

You are certainly correct there.

The Murdoch press, which previously turned on Labour, now seems to be having a good old kick at the Tories too.

At least they are consistent.

Cameron must be spitting feathers at the moment, for all the chumming-up to the Murdoch rags, being their mate and giving jobs to people like Coulson, and now him and his mates are getting sledged by News International.

Still, as has been reported elsewhere in the last couple of weeks; the problem with Cameron and Osborne is that they are two Public Schoolboys who don't have a clue about the "real world".


Mockery aside, how the hell is this happening?

Because we now have politicians who in general have never made anything of themselves in the ''Real World'', school to University to researcher at the Commons to MP.

long gone are the days when Politicians of every hue and colour had to earn their spurs before the electorate cast their votes, also I feel, we have followed the American sound bite trend where smoke and mirrors cloak the lack of policies from the politicians wanting our votes.


Shocking news that for ed milliband....

A Labour seat of 40 years, lost to them bunch of muppets.

Times are changing when majority muslim parties are winning elections

Le Juif Rouge

Senior Mass Debater
Week's not over yet; looks like the vile George Galloway's about to win Bradford West.

Galloway is one of political bottom feeders that seem to lurk around for years but never actually go away. I think Caly that all 3 parties need to take a long hard look at themselves and see how far they have distanced themselves from their core voters.

You may disagree but I think UK politics needs to backtrack away from the US political model it has been steadily following for the last 20 or so years.

It may sound bizarre coming from a Yid but the UK actually needs a politically credible Rightist party like the French NF to shake both the Tories and Labour out of their complacency. Marine Le Pen is hopefully never going to gain power but she certainly keeps both Sarkozy's Conservatives and the Left on their toes as she can easily pull votes from both the Middle and Lower income groups.
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