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  1. Strummer

    Huddersfield Town Fan Comments

    When one reads comments by the Hudders fans, I am yet again reminded of that great English philosopher, Noel Gallagher, who remarked: „Yorkshire isn’t a county, it’s a collection of idiots“.
  2. Strummer

    Wet Spam pre match comments

    In truth, they were fairly easy to spot, most had some permutation of „faaakkin ell“, „pie-n-mash“ or “jellied eels“ in the username.
  3. Strummer

    Michail Gregory Antonio

    Has the Forest kitman managed to extract him from Moussa Niakhate‘s shorts-pocket yet?
  4. Strummer

    Official Premier League Matchday Thread 2 - FOREST vs West Ham Utd - 14.8.22 1400h

    I hate to say „I told you so“, but, I told everyone who would listen (and everyone who wouldn‘t) how he would fit into Forest‘s midfield.
  5. Strummer

    Orel Johnson Mangala

    Any love for my man Mangala today? Thought he looked pretty tidy. (PS - membership of the Orel Mangala Fan Club is open to all, for free!)
  6. Strummer

    Taiwo Michael Awoniyi

    Please see post #32 of this very thread.
  7. Strummer

    Official Premier League Matchday Thread 2 - FOREST vs West Ham Utd - 14.8.22 1400h

    We slip and slide as we fall in love, but I just can’t seem to get enough oh!
  8. Strummer

    Forest Haiku Thread

    Lufthansa Wi-Fi Does not dampen victory Forest are magic
  9. Strummer

    Describe previous match in up to 3 words

    Imported Bundesliga Heroes!
  10. Strummer

    Taiwo Michael Awoniyi

    My man. Never doubted him.
  11. Strummer

    Official Premier League Matchday Thread 2 - FOREST vs West Ham Utd - 14.8.22 1400h

    Kommt schon ihr Wald Mannen!!!!!!!! (hello from 37.000 feet, by the way)
  12. Strummer

    Ruslan Malinovskyi

    But…can he kick it?
  13. Strummer

    Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis

    To be fair, Dharmesh Sheth is usually pretty much on the money with Sky, especially on transfer matters.
  14. Strummer

    The SkyBet Championship

    There are some frankly brilliant players in the Latin American countries though; many European sides have mined that area with outstanding results (Ajax, for one).
  15. Strummer

    No more classified football results on 5 live

    Having spent large parts of my early adult years sat in a tent in the arse-end of nowhere, Sports Report and the football results kept me sane. God bless James Alexander Gordon.
  16. Strummer

    Dane Murphy - CEO

    I will look forward to this.
  17. Strummer

    Dane Murphy - CEO

    To be honest, I only believe what I read in the Stuttgarter Nachtrichten.
  18. Strummer

    Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis

    I remember a certain Managerial duo at Forest who worked in a similar manner; one of them („the goods in the back“) identified the players, the other one („the shop window“) worked to convince the player to sign.
  19. Strummer

    Scott McKenna

    McKenna picked up an injury in training. It wasn’t his, of course, he just picked it up, beat it senseless like Begbie from Trainspotting and then ate it.
  20. Strummer

    Emmanuel Bonaventure Dennis

    Here is a revolutionary concept for the naysayers; maybe Dane and Coops work to identify the players they want, and Marinakis Jr is the charm-offensive who sells the Club to the prospective target? You know, like a proper team?
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