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  1. Strummer

    RIP, Raymond Briggs

    The much beloved author, whose writings shaped many a childhood (including mine) has passed away aged 88. The Snowman, When The Wind Blows and of course, Fungus the Bogeyman, were staples of my youth. RIP Raymond...
  2. Strummer

    Official Premier League Matchday Thread 1 - Newcastle vs. FOREST; 6.8.22 1500h

    So, here we are, then. The Premier League, the richest league in the world, and Forest are now a part of it. How will Steve Cooper’s new-look Reds get on against the moneybags Toon, who nowadays are bankrolled by Saudi oil money? Since football was invented in 1992, Forest and Newcastle have...
  3. Strummer

    The Joe Kinnear Diaries!

    Courtesy of @Statto we bring you the (in)famous Joe Kinnear Diaries! The most gritty, revealing Football book ever, more gripping than Football Tactics with Dicke Davies, more insightful than Deckchair Patterns I spotted on away-days in the North East, and more revealing than Mark Lawrenson‘s...
  4. Strummer

    Andy Goram, RIP

    Andy Goram: Scotland and Rangers goalkeeping great dies aged 58 F*ck cancer.
  5. Strummer

    World Cup 2026 - USA, Canada and Mexico!

    The host-cities have been announced for the 2026 World Cup:
  6. Strummer

    Apple signs a ten-year deal to broadcast the MLS exclusively An interesting move, and confirmation they will show every single match.
  7. Strummer

    LTLF Forum Logo Challenge!!

    Right then, we have a cracking new forum, but so far, we haven’t tickled the design/customisation options that much. So, with that in mind, I think it’s time for a proper new layout for the forum, including a new logo; therefore, I shall throw open a challenge for all members to design a new...
  8. Strummer

    The European Football thread!

    Cack handed Forum nonsense destroyed the original thread. This is its replacement. Ligue Un Serie A Bundesliga La Liga Eredivise And any other European leagues, go here.
  9. Strummer

    Playoff Final - Travel/Accommodation - *PLEASE READ*

    This is a thread for travel and accommodation discussions for the Playoff Final. Post here, anything related to transport (car share, coaches, trains, planes, magic carpets) and accommodation (hotels, couch surfing, bunk ups, room shares, AirBnB or whatever). We will also move posts here if...
  10. Strummer

    Official Matchday Thread 49-Huddersfield vs Nottingham Forest, Playoff Final 29.5.22

    „We shall meet again, before long, to march to new triumphs“ — Guiseppe Garibaldi So, here it is. The Playoff Final at Wembley. The Richest Game in the World. According to the BBC, Udders are the „Home“ Team, maybe that means Forest get to wear the fruit salad kit. I’d take it. If you have...
  11. Strummer

    RIP, Dennis Waterman

    The actor, and cult star of TV hits such as The Sweeney and Minder, has passed away at 74. As someone who grew up watching The Sweeney and also Minder, this makes me very sad.
  12. Strummer

    Player of the Season, 2021-2022

    It’s that time again; or, getting near to it! Who gets your vote this season? Cult goalie Brice Samba? Defensive stalwarts Joseph Worrall or Scott McKenna? Wingback Djed Spence? Midfield wrecking crew James Garner, Jack Colback or Ryan Yates? EFL Young Player of the season Brennan Johnson...
  13. Strummer

    British Airways!

    A Public Service announcement (courtesy of my corporate travel department colleagues): British Airways entire global IT system has apparently shat itself for the second time in a month, currently this has grounded all BA flights and could cause massive disruption. If you’re scheduled to take a...
  14. Strummer

    Nottingham Forest Events

    It looks like Forest have relaunched their hospitality and commercial activities around a new „name“ - Nottingham Forest Events - which sees much-more -prominent integration with external companies: A long-overdue dose of professionalism? Or an...
  15. Strummer

    Sir Frank Williams takes the chequered flag

    Sir Frank Williams: Formula 1 team founder dies aged 79 „Legend“ doesn’t do him justice.
  16. Strummer

    Tapatalk 50% off „VIP“ sale - until Nov 30th 2021

    Tapatalk - which I know many of you use for accessing the forum - are having a Black Friday sale on their in-App purchase of VIP status; the best deal is the annual subscription, which is discounted to $4.99 in freedom money (or your local equivalent) for a year, which is frankly peanuts...
  17. Strummer

    Forest Online Store - Black Friday Sale 2021 Some decent bargains there, especially on shirts. If you’re in the market for one, get them before they (inevitably) run out of stock.
  18. Strummer

    Twenty Years of the iPod

    Few devices can claim to have both created, and revolutionised, their marketplaces. This one can:
  19. Strummer

    Do you want to feel old?

    This match and the iconic goal scored by David Beckham, were twenty years ago today 20 years![emoji15]
  20. Strummer

    Twitch streaming users/streamers - Warning!

    If you are a user of the popular streaming website Twitch, or if you yourself are a streamer on their platform, stop what you’re doing now and go and change your password (and your key if you’re a streamer). Some enterprising soul has apparently pilfered a huge trough of data from them...
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