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    Academy Development Thread - sponsored by BryanRoy!

    Should have put them to bed in the first half really with all the decent chances we created; a mixture of excellent goalkeeping, last ditch blocks and the woodwork denied us what could genuinely have been perhaps a 3-0 lead going into HT. They came out much better drilled in the second half...
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    Official Premier League Matchday Thread 1 - Newcastle vs. FOREST; 6.8.22 1500h

    To the absolute weapon that’s just sent all those half-empty cups of drink flying everywhere off the tables in the concourse (and the morons filming it), you’re a disgrace - absolutely embarrassing after the hospitable welcome we’ve received today!
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    Forest v Valencia.

    In the Derek Pavis stand now and our seats are in an area behind the away dugout which is cordoned off - not allowed to sit there. Forest ticketing at its finest once again, after giving us seats which weren’t all together anyway. I’m not sure about magic on AND OFF the pitch!
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    The World Famous City Ground - Home of the WORLD‘S OLDEST LEAGUE CLUB

    As long as Rushcliffe Arena isn't burning down right now we're fine as that's where the planning committee are meeting (different council too, such is the multi-layered complexity of local governance in this country).
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    Buying a Forest v Valencia ticket

    Received mine. Ended up with two seats together and the third six seats further along the row despite ordering them together. Another sterling effort from the ticket office there.
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    Notts County Match Thread (Pre-season friendly)

    But this is how it starts! No, in all seriousness I was aiming for sensationalism with my choice of words there (a bit naughty on my part but it’s a quiet day at work and it drags on matchdays). I’m probably just much less surprised by tonight’s squad than others as I honestly didn’t expect...
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    Notts County Match Thread (Pre-season friendly)

    You should see Twitter; some people seem quite upset over tonight’s squad selection. Naturally no-one is referring to Cooper directly, mainly because they’ve not thought their criticisms through properly before airing them (Twitter in a nutshell really), so they’re just criticising the club...
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    Notts County Match Thread (Pre-season friendly)

    Seeing as Steve Cooper picks the team, the buck stops with him when it comes to tonight’s squad selection, so it’s surprising to see some murmurs of discontent so soon after Wembley. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing what these boys can do tonight. The second string that came on...
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    It’s MACRON but not BOXT!

    I wondered whether it might be a nod to Ukraine - the shades are certainly similar to those of their flag
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    It’s MACRON but not BOXT!

    The new away shirt is being shown off by Forest on Facebook (but not Twitter or the official website yet for some reason). Perhaps someone more skilled in linking on here than myself would like to share it. It's a yes from me btw.
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    Pre season friendly #1: Coventry City

    The example that’s always stuck in my mind is Newcastle losing their friendly at Leyton Orient 6-1 (which caused some hysteria), before going on to win the Championship fairly convincingly the first time they came down.
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    Yusuf Yazıcı [BUPA]

    Having seen quite a bit of him playing for Lille last season, I can say that the guy can take a set piece and would certainly fill that particular gap in our squad at the moment (until Garner returns anyway). As juneof86 says, he made a lot of substitute appearances during Lille's title winning...
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    Home and Away Memberships 2022/23

    Well I do agree that Twitter is indeed a bit of a basket case in general
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    Home and Away Memberships 2022/23

    They used the loyalty points windows regularly as the season went on to determine priority amongst season ticket holders, but they only used them once to prioritise certain away members ahead of others and that was Luton away. They didn’t even need to apply them to away members for the final...
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    Home and Away Memberships 2022/23

    Not many of our away ends last season sold out during the away members’ buying window (only Luton immediately springs to mind), and at least a handful weren’t even sold out anyway. Many also went on sale to season ticket holders and even general sale on a few occasions before selling out, so I’m...
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    Home and Away Memberships 2022/23

    Yeah that's annoying; 'we're no longer basing priority on away games previously attended... except we are if you went to at least 18 games last season.' As one of those who went to 16 games (nearly 17 until the Fulham game was rearranged), that smarts. It's alright saying that they have to draw...
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    It’s MACRON but not BOXT!

    I wondered about this too, so it interested me to see the background image of this afternoon’s official news article about the pre-season schedule - a faint, slightly lighter red Forest logo on what looks like Garibaldi red fabric. Could we be doing something similar to Arsenal’s one-off...
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    A week in politics

    Looks great on the national and international stage when we can’t even run our own affairs anymore! It’s been coming though what with all the various calamities (arguably more through the incompetence of the previous Labour administration than the current one it has to be said), which have all...
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    Brice Lauriche Samba - „Magic Hands“

    I’d be more forgiving if he’d have pushed the tw*t outside the area first and then given him a decent wallop for his troubles - that would have been proper sh*thousery. In all seriousness, he’s a moron, he nearly cost us the game and he’s pissed me off, but that’s what happens when referees let...
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    Brice Lauriche Samba - „Magic Hands“

    Re: Brice Samba - „Magic Hands“ I was deemed overly critical of Brice a few weeks ago, which is fair enough (it would be quite boring if we all agreed on everything), so I think it’s only fair that I say he looked very much like the Samba I initially took to when he broke onto the scene - a...
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