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  1. HBB

    Attila Szalai

    More chance of Atilla the Hun... Anyway for the record - Attila Szalai, a Hungarian international centre-back name currently plying his trade with Fenerbahce. Played well in the recent debacle ... sorry international against England...
  2. HBB

    Comics and posters anyone?

    I've had a sort out of my old comics and films posters and its reignited my interest in collecting - thought it worth a shot to ask if anyone on here has any old comics or posters they don't want to might be looking to sell. Drop me a line if you do.
  3. HBB

    RIP George Perez

    Having seen the loss of comic giant Neal Adams the other week George Perez has also passed away Comic book icon George Pérez, one of the most popular and acclaimed American comic book artists of the last half-century, has died at the age of 67 due to complications from pancreatic cancer. Pérez...
  4. HBB

    Hope our German contingent are ok

    Saw that some people were injured in Munich when a WW2 UXB went off... hope none of our German contingent were hurt...
  5. HBB

    Julian Larsson

    It's clickbait-tastic from the Post but we're apparently doing a deal for a young Swedish striker Julian Larsson from AIK. Must be for the U23's given his age and experience.
  6. HBB

    Bridcutt and Clough

    Apparently wanted by Sunderland - well that's a gift horse right there I'd say ....
  7. HBB

    Old Forest programmes for auction

    Aologies if the mods think this is in the wrong area but it is very Forest related - I was looking for a bargain in the John Pye auctions and they have lots (forgive the pun) of old Forest programmes up for auction,
  8. HBB

    Efe Ambrose

    Nottingham Forest have joined the race to sign Celtic central defender Efe Ambrose, according to the Daily Mail. hey are set to battle divisional rivals Blackburn Rovers for the signature of the 28-year-old, who are said to have tabled a loan offer for the player earlier this month. His...
  9. HBB

    Ross McCormack megathread

    Sounds implausible but apparently we're in for him, he's been out of the side and training with the U23's since he didn't turn up to training because of his locked gate...
  10. HBB

    Pearce Interview on Sky

    Very nice to hear from SP and it casts a really interesting light on how the end was dealt with by Fawaz (very respectfully it seems so fair play to the big man) and how SP feels about what happened and the subsequent job offer...
  11. HBB

    Nice write-up in the Mail for a change

    Morning chaps, Long time lurker - very infrequent poster Anyway saw this this morning which gives a rare upbeat assessment of events trentside Shame...
  12. HBB

    County to be bought by rich arabs

    Latest news from the county ground - Surely they've just gotten the name of the club wrong - all due respect to our cousins over the water but why the fuck would you buy County?
  13. HBB

    Highlights - sickening

    not much in the way of highlights - but enough to make you feel physically sick when the ball goes in,,12555,00.html
  14. HBB

    For those who can bear to watch

    The horror show that was Saturday,,12555,00.html Agree with all those who previously posted about Robbie Blake - we should never have let him leave and here's why.
  15. HBB

    Do you think we could... really?

    For those who dream the impossible dream this page suggests we still have a chance of automatic promotion, who knows maybe lightening will strike twice.
  16. HBB


    Didn't make the games but looks like we were all over em, don't agree with the commentary though didn't look that good a goal for them,,12555,00.html
  17. HBB

    VIDEO - of the game

    Long time no post but here's the video of the game,,12555,00.html Personally think Garner was a touch lucky with that header ....
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