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    Trump Forest Fan?

    Apparently the big man has him as a guest for the QPR match?
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    Kasami with Hamiltons ex Nicole scherzinger has lansbury official lost his crown?
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    Jordon Rossiter

    seems like he will be leaving liverpool this summer on a free, reckon he would be a welcome addition. was tipped as the new stevan Gerrard not long ago, seems the type of player that will improve our midfield also nicky powell is also available on free if lansbury decides to go.
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    realistic expectations!

    I know a lot of people are expecting mediocrity but our squad is better than last season, ok some are injury prone but the quality in depth allows us to rotate the to hopefully limit injuries. As a bologna in mid to late Jan is could re vitalise the team for that all important last push third...
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    Hillsborough could forest fans have done more? Was too young during the disaster, a paramedic has said forest fans spat at injured Liverpool supporters...
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