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  • Alex, could I ask yet another favour.

    Could you put a message/review on Amazon telling people where they can get the book on Lulu. For reasons I am just beginning to understand, I need to create links between Lulu, the Bookcase - Waterstones Nottingham- Gardners book wholesalers, Amazon and anywhere else. I have never bought stuff from Amazon, so can't change anythiong.

    Thank you

    Cheers Alex (Flagman) i have been meaning to get round to doing this since the change of the forum but not really had the time to work out what i needed to change so your help is much appreciated

    Regards Nigel
    Not sure, but I'm not complaining! I think one of them is for the impending optimisation of a GIF for avatar/signature...
    Cheers, Alex. Updated my profile signature :) Second pint owed.... I'm sure your picking apart my failings for a free night out! lol
    Ooooooooh I don't know if I like it! I can't find anything and lots of things I hoped were deleted are suddenly here again and now I've deleted everything in a panic and lost things. :-(

    We'll all get used to it I'm sure but it's a bit of a shock.
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