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  5. Indemnity

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  7. Content take-down process

    LTLF/Forestforum will endeavour to remove any content that is offensive, defamatory or libellous, upon being given notice of such content. The process for requesting the taking down of content is as follows:

    • Step 1 – Notify us
    • Notify LTLF/Forestforum of the content that you feel is offensive, defamatory or libellous. You can do this by clicking the report this post link or by sending the URL of the thread or post in question to:

      We will review the thread or post in question and determine whether it should be taken down. As 'innocent disseminators' of the content on this forum, our policy is to remove content only when there is a clear legal obligation for us to do so – we will defend our members' right to freedom of speech if we have sufficient reason to believe that content was posted in good faith, without malice and is the honestly held opinion of the author.

    • Step 2 – Pre-Action Protocol for Defamation

      If you disagree with our judgement on the taking down of any thread or post and still wish it to be removed, you must follow the requirements of the Defamation Pre-Action Protocol. It is advisable to seek legal guidance on this.

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