Good morning;

Following an internal discussion, we’ve spiced-up the forum‘s user titles - those are effectively the small title you will see beneath your username if using the website, and if using a mobile app, by clicking on any users‘ name.

Previously, we only had „Junior Member“ and „Senior Member“, the latter achieved after making a mere 100 posts. Frankly, that was about as boring as watching paint dry, so we’ve decided to Jazz them up because I was bored we can!

So, we‘ve now implemented a new default series of User Titles, which are aggregated to number of posts you’ve made. The new Titles, and the numbers of posts to achieve each one, can be seen on this here graphic:

You will certainly recognise a few names in that list, and they re arranged in particular order corresponding to those earnest gentlemen‘s service to this great club, alongside a few others.

Note that as ever, if you want to diverge from the „default“ user title, you should (in the website interface) be able to go to „Settings“ (top right corner), then from the „Settings“ page, look in the column on the left hand side under „My Profile“ and you should see „edit Profile“ - Click on that, and in the form that appears on the right of the page, look for „Custom User Title“.

Of course, if you already have a custom title and want to remove it in favour of the cool new default ones, use the same process as above to do just that - certainly, these new profiles are more entertaining than when we had different species of primate as the defaults (I kid you not).

As ever, any questions on the above, please feel free to PM one of the Forum Moderators: Flagman, T.B.T., Erik, or me, Strummer.