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Thread: Not true surely

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    Default Not true surely

    Posted by a Derby fan on FF
    "Reports in an on-line newspaper site have stated that the Rams new owners may be struggling to pay the second part of their takeover money.

    A sensational report in today's Daily Mail on-line reveals that Derby County may be reverting to its former owners after the Andy Appleby-Tom Glick consortium may be struggling to fund the second part of the takeover payment according to the Mail's Charles Sale.

    Here is the article:

    "Derby County, relegated from the Barclays Premier League last season, are another club where an American takeover has proved anything but the answer to fans' dreams.

    Their US owners, led by chief executive Tom Glick, have failed to put half the £50million promised into the club, which will revert back to the previous owners if payments are not made by the end of the month.

    The shadowy consortium, hit by the credit crunch, do not appear to have the cash and treat Derby as self-financing".

    Have Derby County's new American owners failed to pump in the required cash which was part of their take-over bid or is this just press speculation from Charles Sale of the Daily Mail on-line?

    The implications could be serious and far reaching for the club and their hopes of a swift return to the Premiership.

    Fans are now speculating that this is a reason for no large transfer fees being paid to replace players surplus to requirements. It is starting to look as though the money raised from sales of Rob Earnshaw, Kenny Miller etc may be the only cash available to Paul Jewell to create a squad capable of competing in the Championship

    The clubs refusal to be "held to ransom" over the fee for Ferrie Bodde from Swansea adds further weight to the rumours of the Rams not being able to afford to pay or attract the big money players fans had been promised.

    The club has yet to comment on the report but it will be interesting to see if financial worries have again returned to Derby County..."


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    Default Re: Not true surely

    I hope it's true.

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    Default Re: Not true surely

    I read this in Charlie Sale's column (yes, in the Daily Mail, but he's a top sports journo), it would be the latest installment in a hilariously tragic tale of our rivals.

    Proof that these 'big money takeovers' for middle sized clubs aren't all they're cracked up to be?

    n.b just noticed the article is actually Sale's. Sorry for not reading properly.

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    Default Re: Not true surely

    Sit back and watch Derby sink

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    Default Re: Not true surely

    I do hope this is true, would be nice to see the Derby Nill sink to an all time low

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    Default Re: Not true surely

    I'd like it to be true...only so I can see Kris Commons fail miserably.

    I'm clearly not bitter.

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    Default Re: Not true surely

    Well based on the fact that they have been looking at lower league players and freebies, it would make sense.

    I was under the impression that all parachute payments were spent in January transfer since nearly all the origanal money went towards resolving the debt issue.




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