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Thread: Site Front Page All Wrong...

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    Who's Eighteensixtyfive

    "The new Forest captain, Paul McKenna, has rather unremarkably spoken about how good he thinks Forestís prospects are for this season, and suggest that we should be challenging for promotion (no thanks Paul, not just yet, anyway)."

    Read more: http://www.ltlf.co.uk/forest/categor...#ixzz0NZgqItSJ

    Well, I awoke today with that bit of a buzz thinking come on Reading... Lets see what ya'v got. Then I look at the front page of my prefered -one and only actually- forums to read the above.

    Dear Eighteensixtyfive,

    Are you in a state of depression or something? Can you not spare the team you proclaim to love just a little optimism? We have waited so long for a captain courageous. Someone who might just instill that win at all costs feeling we have so dearly missed since the days of Psycho. Only odd small buzzes of it have we witnessed from Bennett and Camp. Now we have three lads who feed off of adrenalin.

    If we can create that buzz week in week out we can do well. If we start the season hoping to finish mid table we'll probably get relegated, simple as. I doubt McKenna came here to slip into mediocrity and forget any ambition he has in his life. When we don't perform he will come down on those guilty. And if he's having a mare, i'm quite sure Camp will tell him. Yes, no more tossing a coin for who is captain, we have a structured leadership on the field. Another thing sadly missing for a few years.

    But back to the initial point. Don't say no to promotion, ever. If you go up with the same squad and don't buy a player you can come back down £60m better off and some experience. You might even do a Stoke and stay there. Sorry, "No thanks Paul" to promotion is perhaps the most pathetic thing I'll read this year. And its on the front of the biggest Forest Fans site going. Its P M'K's job to install belief. I don't see the point in us undermining it. If he didn't say the things he says then he wouldn't have the respect of the players.

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    Default Re: Site Front Page All Wrong...

    My I be the the first to say,

    What the the fuck?

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    eighteensixtyfive is a blog, you could post your comments here: http://www.eighteensixtyfive.co.uk/2...n-and-mattock/




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