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Thread: Pass me the razor

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    Default Pass me the razor

    For goodness sake! Get a grip and show some spine some of you!!!!!!!!
    All I've read from some people on this forum ........ 'we'll lose (by) 3 or 4', 'Davies/Doughty/Arthur etc are crap', 'we're going down' etc, etc, etc. Let's show some fight and some optimism. We need to win 5/6 more games to stay up for sure. We are not having to play the elite of the Prem are we? We have a side packed with young, promising players who need a more positive response from our fans than they get (at least at home, that is). We need to get behind the lads. I'm not going to be running my hot bath with my trusty cut-throat nearby whatever the result today. Please don't defend this negativity by spouting off about being realistic. We can all see the weaknesses in the team/squad/Arthur/Doughty etc. But some of us are beaten before we start. Remind me to avoid relying on some of you in a bar-room brawl.
    I hate the sheep but I love Forest more!!!!!
    I'm gonna get behind the team today.

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    Default Re: Pass me the razor

    I think some of the fans react on the now, rather than the last few weeks, or the next few.

    It was only a few weeks back when we were on a good winning run and they were in the mire, and this seems to have been forgotton or ignored by a few.

    A run like we are having now was always a possibility, we just have to make sure we have less of the non winning runs than we do the winning ones.

    It's that simple ATM for me.




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