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Thread: The Clinton Arms Podcast

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    Default The Clinton Arms Podcast

    Just wanted to let you know about a relatively new podcast that has started up since the lockdown called The Clinton Arms Podcast. It has been put together by some of the people behind Bandy & Shinty, Forza Garibaldi and Our Glorious Banners and is basically filled with talk about Forest and to some extent the wider football environment.

    It's available on all of your normal podcast players and the 6th episode went live this morning. Please give it a listen if you like football podcasts and see what you think.



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    Default Re: The Clinton Arms Podcast

    A very good effort, not that I've heard it, but anyone who can be bothered to put something like this together deserves praise.

    The downside is I've got to master another aspect of modern technology! Oh, dear.

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    Thanks. It is a fairly relaxed thing, but hopefully adds something to the wider Forest world.




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