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Thread: Football Index

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    Default Football Index

    Anyone had a go yet?

    My tenner in Carvalho is down 40p so far. Being crocked isn't going to help me make my millions.

    I did also put a tenner on Harry Maguire though a few weeks back and that's up a quid. Look out Rodney.

    Seems the best investments preseason are those who may be on the move as you get dividends if they are making news in the media. Maguire's given me an extra whole 55p out of that. Ching Ching.

    You also get dividend on matchdays too dependant on performance so will see how that plans out.

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    Default Re: Football Index

    I had a go and bought in James Justin a month or two ago. Made some profit on him so far, but then it's gone down a bit, but still up over all.

    Just gauging it. It looks like best way to play is short term. Unless you're happy to sit on an investment long-term. EG, I think Justin will end up playing for England in 2yrs or so, but I don't plan on sitting on it for that long, and the rewards probably wont be great enough to justify that.

    Looks like the money is in identifying players maybe in poor form who are goal/save/bit of luck away from going on some good form, then selling.

    Likewise as you said, identify players who might get some interest in them and earn a decent move.

    Interesting concept, but not sold that it's something i'll get involved in anymore than what I put into James Justin.

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    Default Re: Football Index

    I'm not an expert but have read up on the past when thinking about giving it a try.

    I think you're better off investing in transfers around the PL so not necessarily the biggest names
    For example, Messi isn't going to leave Barcelona so his stock won't rise much whereas Bale may leave Real Madrid so his might ne a good investment.

    I believe there are some good blogs where people recommend top movers etc.

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    Default Re: Football Index

    Put a tenner in a while ago and put it on Karim, Oli Burke and Kalvin Phillips (thinking he might get a Prem move).

    £2.42 profit so far... wahoo.

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    Default Re: Football Index

    Put all my eggs in the Sammy Ameiobi basket

    Just having to deposit more funds now

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