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    If you want VAR to be used, I would just say proceed with caution. I live in the States and therefore have seen replay used in the sports over here. At first people like the novelty and "getting the calls correct" but then the sport will rely more and more on it and expand its usage. In the NFL it has reached the point of being ridiculous. It is a rule now that every touchdown is reviewed which just gives the league the opportunity to run more commercials. It has gotten to the point where people don't know whether to celebrate a score now because they have to wait for replay. It has taken all the spontaneity out of the game and the breaks for replay take longer every year. Now I realize Americans are used to stop/start sports with lots of breaks but watching an NFL game is fucking tedious. Games like basketball that have more of a flow are brought to a screeching halt because of replay.

    I like goal line technology because it is instantaneous. If VAR can be used efficiently and above all quickly, then maybe (still don't like it even though I know it is inevitable) but the other day I watched the Portugal-Switzerland match and they had 7 minutes stoppage time in the 1st half due to VAR.

    Football is the greatest sport there is and one reason is the flow of the game. Celebrating a goal is incredible. I would hate to see that taken away while we wait for a few minutes on VAR.

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