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    My old man's had a Chelsea ST since the 70s. He sent me text at a match a few seasons ago along the lines of: "Fucking Fireworks at half time, we're losing and there are fucking fireworks"

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheUlts View Post
    Im not sure Iíd like to support one of Europeís top teams.
    I can't deny that I quite enjoyed it 40-years-ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheUlts View Post
    After two extraordinary games this week and the inquest at Barcelona over their CL loss Ibstarted wondering what itís all about.

    If you are a Barca fan you expect to win the League as a minimum and have a regular sprinkling of CL Winnerís medals consistently coming through every couple of years. You expect to sign the very best 2 or 3 players each year. If a team like Ajax come through then you expect to take their best player(s)the following summer. You donít expect many players to turn your club down. Surely when you go to a live match you become immune to the ridiculously high standard of football to the point where you audibly groan when a almost in perfect through ball doesnít quite result in a goal. The same goes for Real Madrid and a few other teams such a Juventus and City too. In fact, even players with the awesome quality of Gareth Bale struggle to please fans at Madrid. Look at Chelsea; 3rd in the Premiership but still have plenty of disillusioned fans. I simply canít imagine that.

    On the other hand a fan can watch his lower league club for a fraction of the price, see some terrible footy on show but be really pleased by a little passage of decent passing in amongst a long ball game of no real quality.

    When the CL team scores a goal the crowd celebrates and the same happens when the lower league team score. There is no real difference bez itís all relative.

    Are Man City fans really happier now than when they were themselves a lower league club? If they win the treble this year the s surely they will have to do better next year?

    I hope we get promoted next season. I would love to see us in the Premiership. But Im not sure Iíd like to support one of Europeís top teams.
    I don't think it matters if you support Barca or Barnet, fans still have expectations within context.

    There's some supporters of every club that miss the old days, I know some Man City and Chelsea fans that stopped going despite their teams having the most successful spell in their history. They couldn't relate to it all anymore, which must be horrible. But I suppose football means different things to different people, everyone wants success but not always at the cost it comes at.

    I always said if Forest get promoted I'd go for the first season then see how I feel.

    Mansfield Bitter, it's not only the local brew, it's a state of mind.




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