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    Default Matchday 37: Villa Fan Comments

    I would love for us to continue this mini-revival since the return of Jack by turning over MON.

    Fully expect more entertainment than the last game between us.

    Dinosaur MON, I hope we get one over him.

    I canít stand MON. I also canít stand*that thug Colback. Can see him targeting Grealish.

    Just seen who is the ref, literally anyone but Dean.

    Tough game, MON will park that bus and play counter attack.

    No Grabban or Cash for them, which is good news.*However, Lolley starts and someone called Pele!!

    O'Neill's teams can be quite passive at times in their approach. I'd be very surprised to see them start the game as attack minded as they were at Villa park in November.

    Grabban our, yesssss. Forest missing a few players, what an opportunity we have here!

    No Grabban and Cash is like us*losing Abraham and Mcginn.

    Ffs lolley causing havoc.

    That is **** comical. Our keepers are all **** shit.

    Lolley destroying us again.

    Yes! Super John McGinn!

    That's an absolutely shocking goal too. Should be 0-0, these keepers are having a mare.

    We've got too much quality for these. Only Mike Dean can screw us.

    Mcginn again !!!

    Forest look rattled we could get a cricket score here.

    I think they're missing Grabban...If forest lose O'neil walks out LMAO.

    Forest should be down to ten ffs.

    Forest fans are not happy.

    They haven't been since 1980.

    Cut out Lolley and they have nothing to offer.

    I'd happily sign him just so he doesn't get to play against us twice a year.

    Id happily sign him up because he's a shit hot footballer who loves the Villa.

    Oh get the **** up Tammy. that's pathetic.

    Jesus wept the standard of this game has gone through the floor, very scrappy game.

    Did that commentator just say "MON is well thought of at Aston Villa, having really turned the club around?"


    We need another no question. Forest look dangerous.

    Looking at forests summer business, I think they could be in trouble with ffp if they donít go up

    Mike Dean should just go home and let the crowd and Forest players ref the game themselves tbfh.

    Looked in control for about 20 minutes but really slacked off since then. Forest putting in some dangerous balls to the box which we don't look entirely convincing with.

    So far at least 2 red cards for Forrest,* it should have been, plus a pen to us.

    What penalty? For Tammy running in to their defender then hurling himself to the ground?

    Why can't we do like Man City or Liverpool and keep going winning 6-1?

    Or it could be that we're facing a good side who are above us in the table, who are at home and looking to get back into the game? We aren't Man City or Liverpool and we're not playing the Huddersfields or Fulhams of this league.

    They are missing key players, we play our near best eleven.

    Looked a goal for them.

    Got away with one there.

    Lucky, because we have started the way we finished the 1st half. Very very sloppy.

    Didn't see a lot wrong there.

    Well O'Neill never had a Plan B when he was with us so it's hard to imagine he has one now!

    Goodnight Forest.... I hope.

    Pantilimon is pants.

    I bet MON wishes he could move Milner to right back and Barry to left back.

    To be fair I think weíve been lucky tonight, And got a**decent ref for once, Iím pretty sure the FA sent down mike dean to protect Jack tonight after Sundayís events. But we havenít played well at all, Iím pretty sure there goal should of stood, and Iím sure that Hause used his arm to push the 3rd goal in.

    Benaloune is a nut job.

    **** off O'Neill!

    Very dirty, scrappy game. Not an amazing performance, but a very comfortable win. 3-1 flattered Forest.

    Honorable mention for Lolley, who's the only Forest player that isn't shit.

    The way you post the Premier League may as well hand us Premier League status now and get it over with.

    If not the title next season.

    Lolley is great - would have him at Villa if/when McGinn goes.

    Fantastic game of football. Brilliant performance from Villa, we dominated the game in large periods and defended very well in others.

    Forest were shite tonight.

    Aye they looked a much better team at VP when they actually attacked us.

    Not a great performance but a great win. I think their only shot on target was their goal which was pretty lucky.

    We were pretty lucky their goal was disallowed as it looked harsh and it would of turned the game in their favour,*but we are over due a bit of luck.

    Professional, controlled performance, some questionable tactics by Forest with diving players and a few who confuse football with Rugby but that's a MON side.

    They are nothing without Grabban kind of like how much we suffer without Grealish.

    Best*of all, that*irritating little Northern Irishman who used to manage us before*trying to end us was unhappy, that was pleasing to see.

    You can reasonably debate the impact of MON's*actions at length (personally I think he wasted a ton of money and we're still paying for it)*but for me his intent was definitely to do the club a great deal of harm and that is what I take issue with.

    So we won 8-6 on aggregate, then?!

    That Forest team stunk of O'Neill. No answer to our football.

    Christ, Lolley is dangerous. Just as well he's in a MON team.

    As regards MON he spent huge sums on some very good players and also spent huge sums on some very average players with long contracts which when Lerner decided he couldn't fund ended up with us in the Championship.

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