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Thread: Derby Away - Moved For Sky Coverage

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    Default Re: Derby Away - Moved For Sky Coverage

    Quote Originally Posted by Bryn Gunn View Post
    Why did they pick that pub mate, any idea?
    Seems an odd choice.
    They used to drink in 'Jimmys' years ago.

    That Harvester type pub on the way to the ground is where a lot of their dimwit shirters gather. One year a woman tried to attack the Forest escort and got wrestled to the floor by three coppers
    Aye... it was Jimmy's back in the 1980s. Funny thing is, I worked in Derby in the 1980s and 90s too. Me and my work pal ( he's Forest too) both of would drink in the Neptune at lunch times wearing old forest training tops etc for work gear. Nowt was ever said.

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