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Thread: What ya eating?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefkasman View Post
    Eat your heart out Barry.

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    I would love that now

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    I don't know if this belongs in this thread but it's about eating. Did anyone see this?

    Poncey Londoners, they'll buy into any old pretentious bollocks. It's hilarious

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    Made this dessert for Fathers Day Yesterday, i also made him reverse Seared Ribeye with Home made Onion Rings, New Potatoes, Bearnaise Sauce, Grilled Mushrooms with Thyme and Balsamic and Griddled Asparagus, which was fucking nice, but i forgot to take a picture

    This is a Banoffee Pie, I made the base with broken up Shortbread biscuits, then melting some butter with some peanut butter, vanilla essence and brown sugar, mixing it up and then putting it in a foil tart case to set overnight. Made a Toffee Sauce with Butter, Brown Sugar, Double Cream, some salt and Maple Syrup, when it came down to putting it together, cut the base into 4, sliced some ripe bananas onto it, then drenched it with the toffee sauce, topped with some Salted Caramel Ice Cream and home grown strawberries, was fucking amazing




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