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    Quote Originally Posted by RRRREDUN View Post
    And it's that word prudently which is key. I'd prefer that we waited rather than be totally de-trousered by people who assume we're desperate.
    Delaying, gives our agents time to do some underhanded unsettling of our key targets.
    Just saying.
    Me too.

    But I'm also a bit wary of the Mcleish scenario where he didn't get backed, despite having genuine Prem quality like Boyd lined up, and then slapped a "fuck it Roy" on it and did one.

    You'd like to think that if AK's appointment was part of a well thought out plan which wanted to speed up the promotion process, realistic & affordable transfer targets were discussed as part of that and prepped for in the Jan window.

    Very rarely does a manager come away from a transfer window with no sigings a happy manager. Especially when the last bloke got sacked for being mid-table & not pushing for promotion quickly enough, and/or allegedly not being ambitious enough with his transfer targets.

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