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Thread: Help/Advice Needed

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    I have a season ticket with a family member in BC upper.

    Due to serious unforeseen illness of the family memeber it has become impractical to keep our seats there.

    Does anyone have any experience and/or advice for changing tickets to disabled areas behind the glass at trent end?

    Thanks in advance

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    A friend managed to switch from the TE upper to the lower Clough when he knackered his knee. They allowed me to join him too - this was only for 4 games though. I imagine they will be fairly accommodating. Hope it works out!

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    In your season ticket letter im sure it gave instructions of what you can do and the costs involved.

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    Default Re: Help/Advice Needed

    They let me swap completely after one game but I think that's because there was no price difference. They may let you move and just pay the additional or they might let you move for the games, 4 I think, you're allowed to swap a season. Best bet is go to the TO and speak to them, they were really good with me.




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