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Thread: The piss poor catering service

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    Bullshit, my lads mate brought a diet coke and two mars bars yesterday for £4.80....absolute rip off but if there aint a massive percentage of profit in that somebody somewhere wants royally fucking.

    Just looking at Makro a bulk buy of Mars 51g x 48 is £20.99 including VAT or 44p a bar.... no way are they buying dit coke in bulk for £3.92 per unit it'll be a quid tops.

    Mind you having said that Forest probably go buy their stock individually from service stations and cinemas.
    I'm not talking about the mark up on individual items, but the overall profit of running the kiosks over the course of the season.

    The prices don't surprise me, there's no alternative. There's a maximum of 2 hours selling time every other week. Hardly conducive to making a fat profit.

    Personally, after all costs, even with such inflated prices I'd be very surprised to see a profit of more than £250k.

    Small beer and hardly conducive to getting an operator in who know what they are doing or getting the different items individuals on here want.

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    Default Re: The piss poor catering service

    Quote Originally Posted by sammy the snake View Post
    Let’s be honest. Anyone wanting to be fed at the city ground deserves to be fleeced
    Tek yer pack up and some bovril ya posh twats!
    Pack up? Ark at Mr lar de dar. You mean snap!




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