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Thread: Forza Garibaldi pre game (errr) party vs Brighton

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    Default Forza Garibaldi pre game (errr) party vs Brighton

    Following the legendary success of the Villa party we`ve put together another gathering at short notice ahead of the Brighton match.

    Discounted drinks and food from 11am-12pm , no entry charge , children welcome and music supplied once again by Ryan and his guitar,

    Once again can i stress this is not a protest movement and all are welcome whatever your thoughts on the owner or Carayol

    Stickers on sale to help fund future events/displays on a non profit basis in the venue.

    Let the good times roll and 3 points be won

    This is Southbank City (same venue as the Xmas party/Collymore night)https://www.southbankcity.co.uk/


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    Default Re: Forza Garibaldi pre game (errr) party vs Brighton

    Just a quick thank you to everyone who attended yet another awesome party! We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did including the after party that ended around 1am... sorry Mrs Castus!

    If you`re not on the newsletter list then drop Forza a DM on the Twitter page or PM me and i`ll pass it on.

    More events to come . COYR!




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