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A border wall is being used as a bargaining chip in my opinion, read Trumps book and see how successful business people negotiate.
Health System absolute shamble eh? Try to get minor surgery in UK as fast then. I have experienced both and the US system is far superior in several ways even if you have nowt.
Student debt, sure there is but why don't more of these kids get a job and help pay their debt instead of sponging on their parents. Also, not be influence by peers to go to fancy expensive colleges, then come home filled with Liberal hate.
Lead, well you are conveniently forgetting this was exposed in the Obama reign and his government did nothing.
Yes the roads need work, again the Obama government did not cough up but then states are responsible for upkeep and for instance, the California Democratic government have spent millions on a train from nowhere/middle of the desert to SanFran, mainly to carry migrants to be sure and spent ridiculous money on many social programs instead of improving the infrastructure. By the way do you know anything about the incredible retirement pensions democratic city councils put in place for themselves that is crippling the budgets of cities?? check that one out.

At the end of the day when we compare this administration with the previous a difference is that the media is reporting the glass as half empty and not half full as it was under Obama.

Wise up and read both sides of the situation and you will see Trump is doing more things for working people than ever Obama did.

We can argue all day but that is my humble opinion from over the pond where we can get two sides to the story more easily than you.
But what about Obama??.......you've got your GOP answer to the fault's of the current President down pat. It's January 2018, it's been a year, the "but what about that guy?" defence is tiresome, Trump is driving the bus now.