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Thread: The demise of the demise of D***y C***ty thread

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    Default Re: The demise of the demise of D***y C***ty thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Bryn Gunn View Post
    I'm not going to even pretend I understand all of that article but I think everyone suspected some clever accountancy going on.

    In a way it's depressing though. To think you've got to be a bit bent to get anywhere in Football.
    It's not even sport anymore. It's about who's prepared to take the biggest risks and not getting caught.
    It's not even that clever, it's just moving costs from one part of the group business to another and it happens all the time.

    The question to ask in this case, is:

    1) Do the staff who've had their contracts moved to a different child company within the group still have their primary role at Derby County Football Club, rather than elsewhere in the group?
    2) Are the others area of the group where the contracts have been moved to NOT subject to FFP regulation?

    If answer to either question is no, then there's really nothing wrong here. If the answer to both questions yes, then it should be fairly simple for the football league to review how the business operates and decide whether the shifting of costs have been done to limit losses to avoid FFP sanctions.

    Personally think the weird thing is their merchandising revenue was £275,000 in both reported years.
    1) Likelihood of identical revenue y-o-y is approximately 0%.
    2) Likelihood of revenue ending in ,000 is approximately 0%.
    3) £275k seems low. That's about 7000 shirts sold each year and nothing else.

    Karanka Mutineer

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    Quote Originally Posted by big jay View Post
    About 20 odd years ago while between jobs I did some work as a spark for a mate who had his own business, he had this job at a massive gaff out Ashbourne way, turns out to be the home of head honcho sheepshagger Lionel Pickering & the fucker had a video room with shelves full of videos such “Rams v Saints”, “Rams v Man.u” ect & there were hundreds of em so I took one out & put the empty box back on the shelf & put the casssette in the video & pressed record.

    I did this every couple of hours with a different cassette for two weeks.
    THAT is brilliant.




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