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Thread: Interview with Paul McGregor

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    Default Interview with Paul McGregor

    Just read this article - his laid back nature and total opposite of the standard modern footballer is something I always found refreshing.

    Don't want to bang the Pearce drum too much but this quotes probably sums up what I, and a lot of other posters on here, have been trying to articulate to others (you know who you are) about Pearce - McGregor is not a Forest fan but he just "gets it" - he gets that Pearce is not just another manager and I will never understand why alleged Forest fans cannot see that. Sorry.

    "He doesnít claim to be a fan of the club but clearly still takes an interest and grows increasingly animated at recent events and goings on. Indeed, the only point at which he gets quite serious - angry even - and speaks like a true Forest fan is regarding the appointment and subsequent sacking of his old team-mate, Stuart Pearce, which he feels was disrespectful to Forest fans: "You appoint Stuart Pearce as gaffer of Nottingham Forest when you know you are in a position to stick with him for ten years. To have him as part of your conveyor belt bullshit is disrespectful to Pearceís legacy and to every single Forest fan on this planet. To bring in Pearce and boot him out is not on."

    He continues, but before doing so, looks me in the eye and pleads, no, commands me to hear him out. I dare not interrupt. "The second he got Pearce in; he had to stick with him. But now heís the guy who sacked Pearce Ė it could be a nail in his coffin. If you bring Pearce in, you give him time. This is Stuart Pearce!"

    What then follows is as good a description as I have ever heard of what it feels like to be a Forest fan:

    "When Clough was there, he stood for something. Frank Clark stood for the same things. For a long time, Nottingham Forest were everybodyís favourite club, everybody had respect for Forest, for the way they played. If you said you were a Nottingham Forest supporter, it stood for something: it meant a certain moral structure, a certain moral DNA, you stood for what was right. It was almost like saying, ĎIím a socialist. Iím one of the good people in the world. I support a team that tries to play football the right way and I call out cheats.í As a player, you felt that and you represented Nottingham Forest Football Club. Forest stood for something. If you supported them, thatís who you were. Thatís what this club stands for, and is."


    The rest of the article is worth a read too, a good Clough story and some memories of the Clark era.

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    Default Re: Interview with Paul McGregor

    I do agree with him.

    The one thing that was great about being a Forest fan when I was growing up was that, even when we weren't having our biggest success, we had an identity and we stuck to it, it meant something, something we could all be proud of. Now, we're just another club.

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    Default Re: Interview with Paul McGregor

    Success for us was born of principles. They came first.




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