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Thread: Can't sign players

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    Default Can't sign players

    A full embargo. So what ! We have enough players plus Mackie, Laing etc we could call upon. Apart from all the salaries we are saving from the back room staff going out the door.
    We've got to become lean & mean OFF the pitch as well as ON it. Its up to Dougie to sort the players out. They have already proved to themselves and us that they CAN play. e.g first games of the season and against Derby. It wasn't a fluke, Derby did turn up but we gradually overwhelmed them in the second half. It was worked for, the team earned that victory. When it comes to confidence the players should be reminded of this and told you have already proved to yourselves that you can be match winners.

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    Default Re: Can't sign players

    We will still be paying all the previous staff.

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    Default Re: Can't sign players

    We can't call them back as they are on season long loans and season long loans mean just that.

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    Default Re: Can't sign players

    Chelsea have lost control of one their 200 reserve teams through no fault of their own.

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    Embargo 2 The Sequal

    I think the players we have are more than capable of getting us out of this league, obviously not on current form but this is by far the best squad we have had in years, for whatever reason, we don't know, they just aren't perfoming to their full potential!

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    Default Re: Can't sign players

    We are short up front. Big Lars isn't good enough, that only leaves Britt, Fryatt and Dex as recognised strikers with the option of Antonio.

    Might mean young Tyler gets his chance which is no bad thing...

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    Lars ain't short




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