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Thread: Assistant Manager?

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    Default Assistant Manager?

    The best manager that England never had needed a wingman in Peter Taylor when he had his best successes. Maybe Stuart Pearce should recognise that his strength lies more in a Peter Taylor type talent scout and snatch role in addition to motivation while leaving the tactical and planning side to someone more capable.

    I know it's highly unlikely even though it would solve the dilemma with alot of fans who are caught between not wanting Pearce gone while at the same time recognising that we are steadily heading towards the relegation zone.

    If Pearce doesn't arrest the decline in the next couple of matches I think it's the only way he can continue in a managerial capacity with us.

    Even though it's nothing more than a thought exercise any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Assistant Manager?

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    Default Re: Assistant Manager?

    Think McGovern should be taking a more frontline role as assistant.




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