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    Hi all,
    I reformatted my PC and forgot my password and the email i used to register, so I'm Jaybo just with a . at the end, not an impostor, not that anyone would want to imitate me!

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    There's only one 'fastest finger in the west Jaybo'!

    'Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings' - Salvador Dali 1904-1989

    I think 'odd' is a good thing. Oddness shows originality, uniqueness and a desire to be different from the masses. Oddness is, maybe, only deemed 'odd' by the majority who are considered less odd but only by their own blinkered observations and understanding. Oddness should never be criticised but be encouraged to nurture, develop individualism and to explore the mind rather than conform to expectation and 'normality'. Many of the world's greatest works of art and prose were born from those minds many considered to be 'odd'.

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    I reformatted my brain.
    I'm now a lesbian.




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