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Thread: If Forest Staff were Cultural Icons

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    Default If Forest Staff were Cultural Icons

    Pearce as a Sex Pistol? Davies as Rab C Nesbit or one of the 7 dwarves? Des Walker as Ken Dodd?

    After the awesomeness that was "Davies Trout" if any of you whizz kids feel creative and like dropping some pics of current & ex Forest staff as their alter-ego it'd be mint.

    If not this is gonna be one wank thread

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    Default Re: If Forest Staff were Cultural Icons

    A leftover asset from a previous meme I did.

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    Default Re: If Forest Staff were Cultural Icons

    Billy is Begbie from Trainspotting.
    Every time I saw Jim Price I thought of Rab with a can if Tennants Super, he looks pure Jakey.
    Fawaz is turning into a Julius Caesar character with his wavering thumb and his bodyguard is definitely Celo Green.




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