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Thread: Defensive Back Up

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    Default Defensive Back Up

    I've been needing this rant for a few months now. No doubt this has been documented plenty of times but I feel it is worthy it's own thread.

    I believe the one positive outcome of this seasons injury crisis, is that we have really seen how good our squad players are.

    At Bournemouth on Saturday, following Lascelles substitution we has a back four consisting of solely back up players and I am astounded at the lack of interest and effort the majority players put in.

    Halford is is the one who stands out an absolute mile. Post QPR game, I hoped to never see him where the shirt again. His awful touch which set QPR on the break for their fifth goal, followed by his huffing and puffing as he jogged behind the break seemed to answer a few questions as to why we have been on such an appalling run of form.

    Saturday was no different. Uninterested body language, hopeless punts out for throw ins and failing to pick up his man causing Mackie and Lascelles having to cover him - it was like he had invented himself a new position; Centre Right Back. Everywhere the ball went, Halford would do whatever was required to hide and shy away from it. His goal shouldn't be used to blanket the fact he was once again appalling.

    He's even petty with his behaviour, playing crap passes no one had a chance to get onto then moaning why they didn't get onto them. He even slapped and tripped up Pugh for no apparent reason shortly before their goal.

    Collins was standard Collins. For an experienced CB wearing a captains armband, it surprises me the total lack of communication he tends to have with his defence and GK. Saturday saw another potential calamity as he charged into De Vries who was running out to collect a cross. This time De Vries was strong enough to get to it but in the past it's lead to soft, soft goals - I'm thinking Ipswich away last season. He's a defender who with every game in a red shirt looks more and more past it.

    Jara is baffling. Brilliant on loan last season yet since the transition into midfield he has forgotten all knowledge of how to pass and now he is back at RB, he seems to have forgotten how to play there as well. I'm astonished this player is likely to be playing at the World Cup this summer - it sort of makes me wish England were in Chiles group but then we bloody lost to them at Wembley last year

    And then there is Harding. He tries his best but his best is rarely good enough. When he starts, teams exploit their attacks straight down the left flank at him - he was none existent at Bolton in January. Saturday again saw him tore apart by Ritchie - it's far too common when he plays. His saving grace has been the excellent crosses he can sometimes put in which create chances and an occasional goal. Fox is not that much better mind, which is funny as for sort all the decent LB's we have had on loan in the past, when we sign them permanently we still say we need a LB.

    The type of mistakes and displays each one of these players have put in this past month you would think we were sending out the U18's every game. I'd have more sympathy if it were the U18s less so defenders earning multiple thousands of pounds a week struggling to complete the basics. I am surprised at for all their years of experience, how poor this group of defenders really are when a Hobbs, Wilson, Cohen aren't there to clear up the mess and holes they leave in our team.

    I'm sure most wouldn't be bothered if every single one of these players departs in the summer and I feel we need totally resign a group of back up defenders. Truth be said though, what sort of player are you signing if they're happy to sit on the bench? We could get another batch of sulky Greg Halfords.

    Rant over.

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    Default Re: Defensive Back Up

    I think we need to address our front 3 as a matter of priority and then we could look to improving things a bit in defence back-up

    Lichaj - Lascelles - Wilson - Hobbs - Cohen

    Build around them.

    I think Halford is one of the worst footballers you could imagine. Lacks pace, gets turned easily, backs-off, punts the ball up for no reason and puts his head down quickly. This is one spot I would look at in replacing defence. Someone like Luke Ayling at Yeovil possibly with their relegation. http://www.squawka.com/news/2014/04/...chment/4359747

    Harding is happier to be a squad man , on less money and actually doesn't get skinned or caught sleeping like our loan friend Dan Fox. So he can stay as a bit part player. With Cohen, Lichaj (who played very well there) and young Fenton (capable of playing left-sided centre-back and left-back) along with Harding we pretty much covered for left-back.

    My concern is mainly for right-back because we don't have natural right-backs in the u18s and only one in the u21s unlike left-back. And with the potential problems of FFP (may not happen/be knocked back) I just think it would be safer to secure a young talented right-back on a longer term deal.

    Really don't have much to say on Danny Collins. Stepped up in two game but we bought him as a supposed leader with Prem experience on a decent wage. He can stay as a squad back-up if we can't off-load him but I think its vital Halford joins Jara out the door.

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