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    Default First it was Frost, then it was Jacobs

    Sad to see David Jacobs passed away this week.
    My Saturday afternoons when I was 6 - 11 years were to cycle with me Dad and me mate from next door down to City Ground (parking the bikes in the yard to the left of County's Meadow Lane end stand.
    We'd watch the match then cycle home.
    While Mum got the tea, we'd sit and watch Juke Box Jury, chaired by a very svelte Jacobs.
    Then it was Dixon of Dock Green and then Doctor Who...

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    Default Re: First it was Frost, then it was Jacobs

    I also sadly note that Wing Commander Kenneth Horatio Wallis MBE, DEng, CEng, FRAeS, FSETP, PhD, RAF (Ret'd) passed away peacefully on September 1st.

    Who he, you might say?

    Well, Ken Wallis was an expert Autogyro pilot, and if you've ever seen the James Bond classic "You Only Live Twice" with the wonderful Autogyro aerial dogfighting scene where Bond fights off four helicopters in his Autogyro "Little Nellie"; well, that was Ken Wallis, that was, not Sean Connery!

    „I believe in socialism because it seems more humanitarian, rather than every man for himself and 'I'm alright jack' and all those arsehole businessmen with all the loot. I made up my mind from viewing society from that angle. That's where I'm from and there's where I've made my decisions from. That's why I believe in socialism“

    — Joe Strummer




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