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Thread: The Strawbs.

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    Default The Strawbs.

    I keep waiting for those lefties to comment on the continuing influence the Unions, nay stranglehold, they retain on the Labour Party.

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    Default Re: The Strawbs.

    been a slow week ain't it sedg!?

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    Default Re: The Strawbs.

    I had to join the USDAW union when I first started at Boots. They took about £3 out of my weeks wage for the privilege (worth about £11 now). I was off sick for about 6 weeks when I had my appendix out & got a rebate of approx £6. That's the only benefit I ever saw from it. The Shop Stewards always advised us to accept any company pay deal. If we ever voted to reject a pay offer, the Shop Stupids (as they were known) would start scaremongering to ensure that any strike vote was rejected.

    The only time I ever needed support from the union was when I grew a moustache. Seriously! Boots tried to prevent anyone from growing facial hair due to the risk of product contamination. Anyone that already had a moustache/beard was fine (which included virtually all of the managers). But no-one was allowed to grow a new one. Of course, being an arrogant arsehole in those days, I decided to rebel & was promptly issued a written warning by my manager and told that if I hadn't shaved by my next shift I would be dismissed. Could I get a Shop Stupid to challenge this? Could I buggery! Needless to say, faced with the option of losing my job, I returned to work the next day cleanly shaven. About a month later, Boots reversed the decision (due to some adverse publicity). I went to see if I could get my written warning rescinded. No chance! Could I get a Shop Stupid to represent me on this? Even less chance!

    As soon as I was promoted to a Supervisor I opted out of the union.

    My Brother still works at the place where I was (Now owned by Reckitt Benckiser). He says the union just roll over to be tickled whenever the company want to do anything. The workers are shafted every time & shop stewards toe the company line.

    It seems the only unions that have any power & are prepared to flex their muscle are the ones that work in the public sector.

    The beast is stirring yet again!! :devil:

    it has nothing to do with football or NFFC

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    Default Re: The Strawbs.

    I thought you meant this..............




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