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Thread: yamyam blues

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    Default yamyam blues

    The Yamyam blues

    My team is bottom,
    bottom of the league,
    we're playing quite well,
    but quite wells not well,
    in fact quite wells bottom,
    bottom of the league,

    we have mr calderwood,
    he's just misunderstood,
    we've just been unfortunate,
    and not started to conpitulate,

    unfortunately mr CC is clearly on smack,
    or he'd see we have no working right back,
    although he addressed that with J Perch,
    chambers was left in the lurch,

    it didn't work unfortunately,
    as mcgugan gave away a penalty.

    we have just six points in the bank
    jesus christ we are wank.

    for some reason i think we'll be alright,
    although it haunts me in the middle of the night,
    results will turn and we'll move up the league,
    we'll forget our early season fatigue,

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    Default Re: yamyam blues

    Andrew Motion's position as Poet Laureate is fairly safe, I feel.

    Someone wrote a much better poem about Madeleine McCann being on the moon. It was inspirational.

    The girl on channel party girls is sticking her bottom into the air. I wonder if it's a way of forecasting the weather.




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