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Thread: Just Got Back...

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    Default Just Got Back...

    In all fairness was not a bad game, should of took our chances same old story this season.

    Anderson looked great as did Fletcher didnt look scared of anything, somebody we need.

    McGugan looked lively when he came on; http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ptATuuGdHpY.

    Cheers, thoughts?

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    Default Re: Just Got Back...

    It's always difficult to comment when all you have is Colin and John to guide you through but it's reassuring to hear that both Anderson and Fletcher made their mark and influenced the game in a positive manner.

    Sadly, another disappointing result and hoping desperately that we can pick up for Tuesday night.

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    Default Re: Just Got Back...

    We need to win on tuesday now, i think CC will be gone if we dont!

    Doncaster have Reading away and Barnsley have Sheff Wed at home so there not easy games. Also Norwich are struggling they have got Wolves so tuesday could be the night when he claw back some points!

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    Default Re: Just Got Back...

    I still vividly remember the last time Forest played Queens Park Rangers. It was, of course, the day of our inevitable relegation.

    I can still see the Chelsea fans, drinking in a bar near Wembley and making ‘down’ gestures with contemptible grins as the coaches rolled by.

    I can still see the banner that two Derby fans unfurled over a motorway bridge, it read: “Bye Bye Red Dogs, Get Down, Stay Down”.

    It was same day some supporters turned their back on Nottingham Forest, while others wept into the night and knew they would be coming back in spite of their better judgement.

    It was the day that three miserable years of third tier football began; bringing volumes of frustration so enormous that they tested the commitment of even the most ardent supporters.

    And today many of us are fearing that we will soon be re-entering the nightmare.

    It wasn’t a bad performance by any means, but at the moment it never seems to be. The results just aren’t coming and we are very quickly beginning to look very much at home in the relegation zone.

    For 45 minutes we pressed QPR, sustaining enough pressure to draw eager chants of “You’re Rich, but You’re F****** S***”.

    But clear chances were few and far between and it would have taken a deluded optimist to bet on us actually netting one of them.

    Tyson and Cole were isolated from a midfield that sat deep.

    The occasional runs of McCleary and Anderson caused clear problems, but when their balls reached the penalty area it was always too slow for Tyson, and too quick for Cole.

    At half-time the players were applauded warmly and there was little doubting that a comparable second half would bring a win.

    But the second half was by no means comparable. QPR scored against the run of play, confidence drained to empty, and the second goal sealed the points well in advance of the final whistle.

    Lewis McGugan’s free-kick sparked flickers of hope but, in reality, we were going nowhere.

    It was an exasperating afternoon, made infinitely worse by the fact that there is no clear light at the end of the tunnel.

    To remove Calderwood would be exceptionally harsh if only his side’s performances are measured.

    But one win in eleven paints a more telling picture, especially when set alongside a record of six straight away defeats – a monkey that will now adorn our backs for the remainder of the season.

    Travelling supporters as numerous and as vocal as Forest’s deserve considerably more, but it’s a familiar feeling by now.

    And on top of everything else I spent the afternoon flanked by a number of Forest’s most irritating Southern supporters.

    We should be immensely proud of our fan base in the nether regions, but some of them simply shouldn’t be allowed outside – never mind into football grounds.

    Highlights include the trendy chaps dressed like Scouting for Pigeons, or something, with their Topshop girlfriends in tow.

    And a special mention for the heavy-set gentleman who screamed impetuous praise for Andy Cole throughout, whilst roaring: “KERR-MON SMIRF-EEEE” every time our number one received the ball.

    What happens next? No idea. Calderwood simply cannot be more than 90 minutes from losing his job. Can he?


    Smith – 6.5 – not at fault for the goals, although he nearly spilled a simple shot into the net in the first half.

    Chambers – 6 – one of his stronger performances this season; got the basics right.

    Morgan – 6 – an afternoon of frustrating battles that he didn’t always win, epitomised by his fruitless cameo in attack.

    Wilson – 6 – not his strongest performance by any means; a fallible part of a defence that never fails to look suspect.

    Bennett – 6 – solid and eager to move forward with attacks, but his crossing was as ridiculously poor as ever.

    Anderson – 7 – extremely quick, a good crosser of the ball and a hard-worker. The lad is clearly very talented. Drifted out of the game at times but it’s something that can probably be attributed to his lack of fitness.

    Fletcher – 7 – a zero nonsense, tough-tackling midfielder with a propensity for simple passes. Sammy Clingan with a pair of balls?

    Cohen – 7 – worked himself into the ground but couldn’t fill the creative void.

    McCleary – 7.5 – disappeared when Forest went behind, but in the first half his pacy and exceptionally confident runs were a real highlight.

    Cole – 4 – a passenger; no strength, no pace and – more importantly – no effort.

    Tyson – 6 – all the effort in the world, but he doesn’t have the control or the vision to threaten unless it’s with his pace.

    Lynch – 6
    McGugan – 7
    Davies – 1 [touch]

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    Default Re: Just Got Back...

    Quote Originally Posted by What's in a name?
    Davies – 1 [touch]

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    Default Re: Just Got Back...

    Find myself feeling bitterly dissapointed after reading these reports.I get the feeling the two home games will be make or break,failure to win both and the gap up to 21st increases,well it's almost unthinkable

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    Default Re: Just Got Back...

    I don't know if it's a good thing to hear we're playing ok and matching opponants... it makes it more frustrating that we're losing all the time when we don't truly deserve it. If we're to lose every game this season, I'd rather it because we were actually shit!

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    Default Re: Just Got Back...

    Rotheram are more likely to stay up than us.

    what an embarrasment.

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    Default Re: Just Got Back...

    This season is starting to sound like the reverse of last season.

    For alot of games last season we played terrible but got promoted, now a of a sudden teams seem to be playing not to well against us only to beat us.

    Maybe its time started taking that sod it lets win by any method attitude, I mean the amount of cheating we have seen this season by teams is ridiculous players rolling around like fairies, shouting down the ref and kicking our most dangerous players till the player kicking gets booked only for someone else to do the kicking

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    Default Re: Just Got Back...

    im not sure what to think at the moment. Maybe just 1 win will get us on some sort of run but cannot see where its going to come from. Ipswich will be tricky as they are normally a very good passing team

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    Default Re: Just Got Back...

    From what I've heard it just seems that we need to score the first goal

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    Default Re: Just Got Back...

    Quote Originally Posted by trickytrees12
    From what I've heard it just seems that we need to score the first goal




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