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Thread: Poetry corner: What’s going on?

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    Default Poetry corner: What’s going on?

    Nowt to do with Marvin Gaye this one! lol

    What’s going on? I don’t understand
    Everything’s suddenly going to plan
    We’re winning away, unbeaten at home
    Seven points clear of the play-off zone

    What is this feeling? I’m not sure I like it
    I’m not used to being so excited
    It can’t be true, it must be a trap
    Someone up there is having a laugh

    What does it mean? The table doesn’t lie
    Can Forest really be flying so high?
    Is it true we’re in with a shout?
    Has Billy the nous? The players the clout?

    Is this it? Is this our year?
    The end of suffering, the end of tears
    We’ve waiting so long, but now it’s here
    Why am I filled with doubt and fear?

    When will it end? I hope it comes soon
    So we can go back to the doom and the gloom
    It doesn’t feel right to be crossing the Trent
    With a post-match smile instead of laments

    Is it safe? Can we have faith
    That for once the Reds won’t throw it away?
    Or is it just another false dawn
    Like so many seasons before

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    Default Re: Poetry corner: What’s going on?

    Nothing to do with Doop with one

    Bill Bill Billy Billy Billy-Bill
    Rad Rad Raddy Raddy Raddy-Rad
    Earn Earn Eanie Earnie Earnie-Earn
    Gunt Gunt Gunty Gunty Gunty-Gunt
    Paul Paul Pauly Pauly Pauly-Paul
    Del Del Dele Dele Dele-Del
    Lynch Lynch Lynchy Lynchy Lynchy-Lynch

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    Default Re: Poetry corner: What’s going on?

    You score highly for not rhyming 'positivity' with 'tree'.

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    Default Re: Poetry corner: What’s going on?

    Nottingham Forest
    European Cup winners
    Brian Clough is god.

    .k I m
    I m u mm




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