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Thread: Spare Derby ticket?

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    Default Spare Derby ticket?

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    Default Re: Spare Derby ticket?

    Sorry, guys, but to protect the integrity of LTLF (& possibly its future), I feel the need to don the Mod's hat and to remind you of this piece of legislation and also this one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994, Section 166
    It is an offence for an unauthorised person to—

    (a)sell a ticket for a designated football match, or

    (b)otherwise to dispose of such a ticket to another person.

    a reference to selling a ticket includes a reference to—

    (i)offering to sell a ticket;

    (ii)exposing a ticket for sale;

    (iii)making a ticket available for sale by another;

    (iv)advertising that a ticket is available for purchase; and

    (v)giving a ticket to a person who pays or agrees to pay for some other goods or services or offering to do so.
    and also...

    Quote Originally Posted by Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994, Section 166A
    Disposal of tickets on internet:

    This subsection applies at any time in relation to information if—

    (a)the service provider knew when that information was provided that it contained material contravening section 166;
    So: If you want to buy/sell tickets for games including the D***y game, from other than the Official Outlets, please be aware that you probably shouldn't be doing this.

    By asking/organising the transaction on LTLF you potentially render LTLF jointly liable if it all kicks off and they ask a few questions.

    Thank you all for your co-operation...

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