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Thread: 3m bid in for Shorey!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DezzieD View Post
    Nope not like Lynch, hes a centre back whos tries to fill in at left back. Someone like the Norwegian left back (name less as of yet) who we are reportedly looking at.
    Who's also a massively unknown quantity. They're not all going to be like Raddy.

    This position has been such a huge problem for a long time now it would seem a waste for us not to pursue Shorey.

    The TAP aren't going to spend silly money on him and it'll be a while yet before we start paying numerous players over 20k a week, but the fact is that with Shorey in the team we were a much stronger, organised and composed unit.

    I'd hate for us to 'settle' for players of potentially lesser quality. In the long term, Shorey is a must buy.

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    Default Re: 3m bid in for Shorey!!!!!

    I find it interesting that we're quibbling over paying a player that much, when the manager already receives at least £18k a week.
    If the squad are happy enough for BD to be on those wages, why not a proven Premiership and international player? Petty rivalry may fog their views but to be honest it's in all their best interests to knuckle down and get to the Premiership and therefore Shorey is the sort of player they should welcome with open arms. It's not as though we've got a rigid pay structure in place, it's just that every man gets what he is worth and if they disagree they can see if the board / manager rate them highly enough to negotiate a pay rise. If not, they should take the hint or feel free to throw their toys out of some other team's pram.

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    We're talking about footballers though, not normal human beings.




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