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Thread: Derby poem

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    Default Derby poem

    Just nicked this off a mate..love it.

    As arrogant in victory as shameless in defeat
    the sheep have made their status as most hated club complete
    Nigel is a common thug, Savage a closet gay
    Thousands turn up every week for the ticket giveaway
    Buy a mobile phone or test drive a new motor
    And get a free season ticket from O2 or Toyota
    Quite why they're so smug will always be a mystery
    11 points in a season makes them the worst team in history!

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    Default Re: Derby poem


    Sheep shagging bastards
    Manager not like his dad
    Relegation yeah

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    Default Re: Derby poem

    Thats brilliant! Needs posting on a derby forum i think

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    Default Re: Derby poem

    Im having that one

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    Default Re: Derby poem

    It took a player called Tyson, to show us all the way,
    He waved his flag at Derby, the day they lost away.

    They have our son called Nigel, who's not our son anymore,
    He’ll take them into Div.1 where he’ll be shown the door.

    You can take your Prideless Lego-Land and stick it in the dip,
    Get back to the Derby hill sides, along with the sheep and shit.

    You’ll never rise to the top again, whilst Nigel is the boss,
    In fact he’ll take you to the Blue Square League, where no-one gives a toss.

    Down & down the club will go, and hopefully disappear for good,
    Those distant memories and all that crap of the infamous Derby Football Club.

    Good bye – good night and we hope you rot in hell,
    We will never forget you, especially that f***ing smell.




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