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Thread: Kenny Burns: Forest can cash in

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    Default Kenny Burns: Forest can cash in

    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny Burns
    Life back in the Championship is edging closer and closer and suddenly everyone is taking a real look at the opening fixtures. I hear some Nottingham Forest fans pointing to a really tough opening, some big games straight away.

    Reading, relegated from the Premiership, the first match of the campaign at the City Ground.

    A long trip follows to Swansea, last season's League One winners with their total football style.

    Follow that with Watford at home and Wolves at home - two teams expecting to be in the play-offs at least - and it is not the easiest of starts.

    But I will tell you something: It does not matter who you play, straight up. You have to play them at some point, so why not in the opening month?

    Forest have the momentum, have the confidence from winning promotion last season.

    More than that, they have made quality signings to ensure the team is much stronger than last season.

    Strikers like Andrew Cole and Robert Earnshaw, midfielders Paul Anderson and the French lad Guy Moussi, who I have heard a lot of good things about.

    As for the likes of Chris Cohen, Lewis McGugan, Kelvin Wilson, Nathan Tyson and others, this is a great chance to prove themselves at Championship level on a consistent basis.

    It is a new challenge for them that should see them rise to the top, bring out their ability even further alongside the already established and experienced men in Earnshaw and Cole.

    Yes, everyone wants to get off to a flier. You want to get money in the bank, so to speak.

    The more points you get earlier on, the quicker you get into your stride and the more confidence zips through the squad.

    And despite people stating it could be a difficult opening for Forest, I honestly believe they can make a decent start.

    In Reading, I would not be afraid. They are looking at selling some of their best players and there might even be a hint of complacency when they come to the City Ground. They may still be going through the motions. It is a weakness the Reds can exploit.

    Swansea have not strengthened like Forest have and the Reds now have their best player from last season, Anderson.

    Watford could not win for love nor money at the end of last season, so do not have the momentum of Colin Calderwood's side. And Wolves? Well, you never know what you will get with them.

    While some may look at the negatives, those are the positives to draw on from being handed these opening four fixtures in August.

    As for Forest, they simply have to concentrate on themselves. Concentrate on their own ability. Concentrate on using their tools to perform to their optimum and make the rest of the Championship worry about them.

    Teams will not sit behind the ball now at the City Ground, hopefully leading to plenty of entertainment.

    But it is crucial the Reds ensure they make the most of their home games, taking valuable points and picking up what they can on their travels.

    It is about being positive in everything they do whether that be a pass, a tackle or a shot.

    While being positive and attacking, discipline must be maintained. Forest cannot go all out gung-ho. Defend from the front, attack from the back, as I always say.

    But as long as Forest look to take the game to the opposition, they have nothing to fear.

    Whether it be Reading or Blackpool, go out there believing you can win.

    And with that attitude, coupled with a new-look team which I believe makes the Reds much stronger and wiser for this division, I feel they have nothing to worry about.

    August's fixtures should be something to relish, not fear.
    Sounds good to me

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    Default Re: Kenny Burns: Forest can cash in

    It's strange.

    It is like Kenny took the words out of my mouth!!

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    Default Re: Kenny Burns: Forest can cash in

    Quote Originally Posted by mouldy
    It's strange.

    It is like Kenny took the words out of my mouth!!
    Im hoping thats the only thing he takes out your mouth




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